Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term used to describe how machines can be trained to imitate human cognitive functions – spotting patterns, learning from experience, or understanding images. AI in construction involves using these technologies to make building sites safer, reduce waste and boost efficiency.

Loosely defined and operating as a banner for machine learning, deep learning, robotics, automation and more, AI in broad terms is technology capable of performing processes and completing tasks that traditionally require human input. With additional data pooled from myriad, relevant sources, AI can also become incrementally better at its job, opening up new avenues for efficiency, productivity, safety, and reliability.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and sensory equipment can be combined with AI to actively monitor conditions on-site, catch overlooked elements of risk, observe the productivity and compliance of workers, forecast overspending and late completion, and improve a building’s efficiency from planning through to post-construction. It can also use information, such as budget, dimensions, and proposed materials, to generate workable construction plans to specification.

The construction industry is already AI on job sites with the use of robotics for tasks like bricklaying and autonomous equipment that can operate and complete tasks without the need for human interaction. AI has advanced where human judgments, decisions, and actions can be replicated without the common safety hazard of workers getting fatigued.

For now, the most common uses for AI in construction center around scheduling and risk mitigation, things like worker injury prevention and predictive equipment maintenance. For example, AI can be combined with the internet of things (IoT) sensors, which monitor all onboard systems on a fleet of construction vehicles.

The sensors ensure everything works within the range of normal and healthy operation. They automatically alert supervisors of potential concerns before they become major problems that could sideline a piece of equipment, costing the company money and time.

AI is becoming more and more prevalent on job sites. Have you used AI enabled equipment or software to help make your job sites more efficient and safer? Tell use more in the comments below!

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