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I think we can all agree it is not enough to know what doesn't work. The real value is in discovery of what does work. Figuring out what does work isn't as easy at it sounds but sometimes you need to go down a road to know its the wrong one. This is how we learn, improve and grow.

Today, much like the bearded homeless man wielding a cardboard sign we've all seen on the street, I am proud to warn people of the pitfalls of taking the wrong paths in safety. Mostly because I've either been down them myself or watched someone else do it first hand and want to save people the grief of learning the hard way.

In the almost 8 years, 8 months, 5 days, 7 hours, 45 minutes and 4 seconds I spent working as a safety manager at a corporate hell hole err... "holdings company," I saw many things and learned many lessons. It was a unique perspective that not many safety people experience. I got to see and compare a dozen large companies' safety programs. I got to see what went right but the vast majority of the time I saw how things went fantastically wrong.

Based on my experience, there are a few things I learned I know for sure. 1. Time will improve the problem; until the crusty old farts who fudge numbers "for good optics" and refuse to let go of the ways of the past keel over or retire, true improvement will be delayed. 2. Technology unlocks the impractical and opens up new roads to explore for the every day safety professional.

Here's to technology, the future, and discovering what works. Welcome to the blog! #RedBeard #safety #technology #blog

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