It is said that the people who are confronted with problems are the ones who create the solutions. This has been the case with a career firefighter and safety program officer who experienced hearing loss early in his thirty-year career.

The hearing loss was due to occupational hazards he was exposed to in the seventies and eighties. This occurred before a hearing loss protection and prevention program was implemented at his fire department. This hearing loss led to the need for hearing aids in his early forties. Because of this injury and his committed involvement in the department safety program he was hyper aware of the need for wearing hearing protection.

Despite programs and mitigations that had been established, he continued to observe his fellow firefighters operating chainsaws and circular saws without wearing the provided hearing protection. Part of the problem, as he saw it, was that the hearing protection was in a dark, sometimes dirty compartment in the fire apparatus. And although it was in the same compartment as the chainsaw it was somewhat out of sight and apparently out of mind of the firefighters. It was not convenient, available and clean. (See CDC/NIOSH Hearing Protection Devices – Hudak 2005 pgs. 9 “clean” and 11 “Convenience, availability”)

After many years of coaching, counseling and training his fellow firefighters, he continued to witness the problem of firefighters not wearing protective equipment while operating power tools. So after he retired in 2011 he invented and developed the MADPAK Universal Utility Belt Clip System. MADPAK is an acronym that stands for Multi Attachment Device and Personal Accessory Kit. The Multi Attachment Device is the actual device he invented which includes a universal utility belt attached to a specialized belt clip all made from high strength plastic.

The utility belt holds the Personal Accessory Kit and the specialized belt clip can attach any straight or curved edge or bar up to an inch wide. It can also hang on a hook or peg up to an inch wide. Together they are the MADPAK Universal Utility Belt Clip System which. This original problem/solution scenario which was the genesis of this idea includes a pouch with all needed personal protective equipment PPE needed to operate power saws. And by way of the specialized belt clip, attaches directly to the chainsaw handlebar where the PPE PAK is convenient, available and clean.

The very next problem he experienced that this solution solved was, as a battalion chief, carrying multiple communication devices. He would have to handle them individually, multiple times a day while transitioning to and from different types of routine and emergency operations. Several devices can be bundled onto the utility belt as a COMM PAK and quickly mounted and removed from a waist belt saving valuable time. This benefit is critical in a world where seconds can be a matter of life and death.

The next application was with the fanny pack containing disposable PPE used during medical and trauma rescues. This PPE was needed for body substance isolation BSI. The problem was what to do with the fanny pack while not being worn. It was cumbersome to carry and the buckle would regularly get caught on stuff. This solution was achieved by removing the belt and buckle and attaching the BSI pack onto the utility belt by way of a belt loop on the back of the pack. This solution provided efficient, streamlined storage, carrying and use of the BSI PAK.

And finally, he is applying this solution to needed hands free carry, access and protection from damage of computer tablets used for command and control at emergency operations. This carrying system is currently under development. Can you say TAB PAK?

He quickly realized that the MADPAK system would also be a solution to many other problems in many other areas of life all around the world. As is turns out, MADPAK is the most versatile belt clip system ever made. Millions of mobile active people who need safe and efficient hands free, quick and easy access to the things they use every day can have unlimited, versatile portability in how and where items can be stored, carried or used. These benefits including improved safety, efficiency and utility created by the MADPAK System provides a heretofore unprecedented level of utility.

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