Prodex - The Tradeshow at your Fingertips

Envision the sights and sounds of an industry tradeshow.

You hustle into a panel by subject matter experts on how upcoming OSHA regulations impact your field crews. Step outside to send messages to a co-worker to on a presenter’s bio. Then it’s networking till lunch while you walk the show floor and view product demos. Along with field sales visits these industry conventions are the bedrock of the workplace safety product supply. However, they come with a significant time and costs away from the field.

Prodex (sounds like Products) is a digital tradeshow within your pocket. The social product discovery platform focuses on the creative, human, and social elements of problem-solving within the workplace and incorporates teams into the process. Think of it as a professional’s Instagram, but instead of influencers we connect with other safety managers, product reps, and end-users. Unlike social networks, Prodex doesn’t rely on advertising and isn’t user-status orientated. Instead, our platform prioritizes quality of content and connecting over topics, rather than following users. That content is then indexed and searchable, creating evergreen anchors that don’t disappear with tomorrow’s trending topics. As a product discovery network our focus is on organic takes, so users won’t be sold to advertisers like a product. Prodex is only as valuable as our communities. We’re excited to build a future of market-driven professional supply where the most valuable participant is the end-user. Share experience, expertise and feedback while together we create a market-driven e-commerce platform that rewards quality, not scale. Join the conversation, start your own community and grow your business with Prodex.

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