Safety Tech Spotlight: MakuSafe

One great leading indicator, in principle, is employee observations. In a world without limitations, you could have one safety professional monitoring one employee in a 1:1 ratio. When the safety pro observes a hazard, the risk could be immediately addressed and eliminated before work resumed. In principle, this sounds like a great idea but, for obvious reasons, no company can achieve this because it is simply not practical to hire that many safety pros.

A safety program hinges on its ability to identify problems/hazards and then eliminate them effectively. It is so important for safety pros to build two-way communication channels in the workplace. Employees see hazards every day and may not even think to report them. Even if they do want to report them, they may not know who to report them to. I have seen incredible success achieved in safety by simply building a near miss, hazard recognition and good catch reporting program that encourages communication of hazards. As with many things, the biggest challenge usually is not in solving what needs to be done but in solving how it should be done.

Employee observations have remained on my “good in principle but not practical” list for quite some time, but thanks to emerging technologies, it is finally time to move it to the “good in principle and in practice” list. Helping to bridge the gap between the what and the how is MākuSafe®.

In their own words: “MākuSafe® was formed by a powerful team of software, hardware and data engineers to prove that workplaces around the globe can be made safer by gathering environmental data around workers WHILE they work. Using analytics and machine learning technology we can turn that data into predictors so that accidents can be stopped before they happen.”

In my words: MākuSafe® has effectively achieved the ideal of having one safety pro for every employee by substituting a wearable for the safety pro, making a powerful leading indicator practical and available to safety pros everywhere.

The device is loaded with technology for monitoring employees including, location identification, worker-to-worker proximity (think social distancing and contact tracing), ambient light, air quality, sound, humidity, temperature and heat exposure, voice recordings, voice to text translation and more.


· Powerful COVID-19 tools.

· Proactive and real-time data.

· Fully scalable: it can be used for small teams or large teams.

· Harnesses the power of machine learning for deep insights into the workplace and potential hazards.

· Boosts communication, a key aspect to learning and world-class safety.

· Enhances anti-fragility in the workplace. (see also:

· Long battery life (30 hours)


· Although it is lightweight and small, some employees may not feel comfortable having this on their arm for a prolonged period.

· Employees may not like the idea of wearing a device that could listen or track them (although the device does not continually track the employee).

· Difficult employees may attempt to sabotage the device by intentional misuse.

· The device could take damage depending on the work environment.

MākuSafe® also offers a powerful software platform along with their wearable called MakuSmart that has many other tools and analytics not covered here. Learn more about both the hardware and the software by visiting Do you want to spotlight a product or service at Email to find out how! #RedBeard #safety #technology #blog #wearables #innovation #machinelearning

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